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2022 Grass seed Mixtures

12, May 2022

We can advise on all aspects of reseeding, from sprays, grass mixtures, weed control and fertiliser planning. Kerry Agribusiness has a comprehensive range of
grass seed mixtures to suit almost all farm situations but should you require any special mixes or further information please contact our Agri Division.

Establishing White Clover

• Sow clover into fertile soils at optimum pH (>6.3) and P
and K index 3. Soil pH should be above pH 6.3 to give clover the best chance of successful establishment.
Apply lime if necessary to improve soil pH
• Sow when soils are warm and moist – ideally in late  April/ May

Oversowing White Clover Into an Existing Sward

Including clover as part of a full reseed gives the best
chance of success and establishing a good grass/clover
sward. However, oversowing clover into existing grass is
also an option.
• Control weeds before oversowing clover. Some
herbicides have a residue of up to 4 months –
always check the label or seek advice from your
Kerry Agribusiness sales rep
• Soil must be visible – do not oversow where you
have a thatch of grass. Oversowing into open,
perennial ryegrass dominant swards will yield
greatest success
• Oversow clover after a tight grazing or taking a cut
of silage
• Moisture is important once sown. Ideal timing is late
April/ May
• Aim to oversow approximately 15% of the farm
with clover per year as doing too much at one time
compromises your ability to adjust management
and reduces the chance of clover successfully

Oversowing with a fertiliser spreader

• Ensure the sward is open with good soil visibility
• Graze tightly immediately prior to sowing
• Sow 3.5-4.0 kg coated clover seed/acre with 1 bag of
0:7:30 per acre (the fertiliser will aid establishment
of the clover)
• Only add clover to the spreader when you are in
the field, otherwise there is a risk of the clover seed
“settling” at the base of the spreader and thus you
will not have an even spread of clover in the field
• Do a maximum of 2 acres at a time (to avoid seed
• Spread in 2 directions – up & down the field and
then across the field
• Apply watery slurry (if available)
• Graze frequently at low covers

TS 1

• Best suited to lighter, free draining paddocks, where early grazing is a focus, ideally closing for a cut of silage subsequently
• A high % tetraploid mix, leading to good palatability, with Heading dates between May 27th - June 3rd

TS 2

• Excellent spring growth with a balanced mix of high
performing varieties on the Teagasc PPI for silage
to optimize silage production along with red clover
• This mixture is compliant with the DAFM red clover
• Red clover silage will increase protein production
on farm and reduce purchased feed
• Red clover can fix between 150-200kg N/ha per
year reducing chemical N usage

TS 3


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2022 Grass seed Mixtures
2022 Grass seed Mixtures

We can advise on all aspects of reseeding, from sprays, grass mixtures, weed control and fertiliser planning. Kerry Agribusiness has a comprehensive range ofgrass seed mixtures to suit almost all...